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Colorado Springs Roof Repair & Storm Damage Restoration

At Severy Creek Roofing, we are committed to delivering you a safe and well-performing roof. As a native, owner Steve Louden understands the Colorado elements that can range from 90+ degree temperatures to hail storms practically in the same day. These variations can be hard on your home! And with extensive insurance claims experience, Steve can be an invaluable advocate during the claims process.

We are your property owner storm/insurance claim advocates!

Our tradesmen are skilled and experienced, bringing you both residential and commercial roofing services at prices you can afford. Whether for your home or business, let us repair your tile, membrane, EPDM, low slope, Ludowici, or TPO roof.

General Roof Repair

When it comes to your Colorado roof, there are several common problems that could require roofing repair. Some are the result of small leaks or weather and others from improper workmanship. Common issues include:

  • Gutter Clogs – Leaves and other debris can easily combine with water and create a heavy sludge that weighs down your gutters. We have the tools, materials and expertise to clear these clogs.
  • Deterioration of Pipe Boots – Pipe boots and other flashing elements on the roof can crack and peel, allowing water to penetrate the roof. As we replace the flashing, we can also look for other damage.
  • Deterioration of Shingles – Whether your home or business is aging or has experienced weathering, shingles that are in poor condition can cause problems. We have a large variety of roofing materials to repair or replace your roof.
  • Fascia Rot – If your gutters or flashing need repair, your fascia might as well. We can clean it up and make any replacements before mold and rot travels deeper into your home and cause more damage.

Whether you are looking at a roof repair or roofing replacement in Colorado Springs, or the surrounding area, contact Severy Creek Roofing for quality that can’t be beat. Give us a call today at (719) 4949231 to schedule your free inspection.

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We can re roof your roof from the recent hail storms ASAP!

Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

When a storm damages your roof, don’t wait for the weather to pass before making repairs. If water leaks into your home, it may cause serious and expensive structural damage. The professional Colorado Springs roofers at Severy Creek Roofing are highly trained to locate storm damage and take immediate action to minimize water entry. We will come back once the weather has calmed to make a full inspection and recommend any necessary repairs. In most cases, we can restore your roof without the expense of a complete roof replacement.

Storm Damage Checklist

Provided by Owens Corning

So you think you need a new roof. Don’t worry. This helpful guide will walk you through everything you need to know — and everything you need to do — to make your roof replacement go smoothly.

  • Assess your roof for storm damage. Walk around the perimeter of your home and photograph or take note of any damage. Obvious signs of damage may include dented, torn, curled or missing shingles.
  • Check gutters, roofing accessories and windows. Though your shingles may appear undamaged, dents in gutters and roof vents may point to hidden roof damage. Also be sure to inspect windows for cracks, loose weatherstripping and torn screens.
  • Inspect the area around your home. Check for fallen tree limbs, broken fences and damage to lawn furniture and exterior decorations. Look closely at flat surfaces such as patios and decks for signs of hail damage.
  • Look for leaks and water spots in your attic and ceilings. Even though your roof may appear undamaged from the outside, wind and hail may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later. Check ceilings and light fixtures for signs of water and inspect your attic closely with a flashlight.
  • Call a contractor you can trust. After a storm, there may be a lot of contractors competing for your attention. Make sure you choose a contractor you can trust — such as an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred or Platinum Preferred Contractor — to assess your damage, provide an estimate and replace your roof using proven products.
  • Call your homeowner’s insurance company. Refer to your notes, report a claim with your insurance company and arrange for an inspection.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not attempt to climb up on your roof. Especially after a storm, the roof structure may be weakened and shingles may be slippery. If you suspect roof damage, call Severy Creek Roofing to assist you with your assessment.

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Owens Corning Roofing CO Springs

Understanding Storm Damage

High Wind Damage

High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof deck, underlayment or old shingles from a previous roof exposed to the elements.

Wind Damage

Wind can also lift and curl shingles by breaking the seal that bonds them together, leaving your roof vulnerable to wind-driven rain.

Hail Damage

Hail can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles, dislodging the protective granules that protect against rain and sun damage.

We Are Your Insurance Claim Advocates

We often see, and we mean 99% of the time, that when it comes to hail and wind related damages, insurance company estimates are always short of the mark in their “attempt” in bringing you back to the way you were before the storm. Their estimates are put together incorrectly because most adjusters don’t know their estimating system well enough, use it improperly, or know how to use it against you.

Specifically wooHail Damage to Roofd shake roofs, commercial roofs to include HOA’s, Flat, and Apartment Communities suffer the worst. This creates opportunity for storm chasing companies who will close a year later and promises the work can be completed for “what insurance pays”. Unfortunately, this ends up in poor workmanship and nowhere to turn when things go wrong.

Obviously, insurance companies will pay as little as possible to mitigate their financial exposure to these losses. Colorado has seen a tremendous increase in hailstorms over the past few years. In addition, laws that disallow roofing companies and general contractors from acting in your best interest have tied our hands in regards to discussing the scope of damages and proper pricing of those damages. This obviously put your insurance company at a huge advantage.

We have recently partnered with C3 Group Public Adjusters, based out of Castle Rock, CO. Severy Creek Roofing takes pride in making sure the work is completed with the top products and we have partnered with the best Public Adjusting Firm in Colorado to make sure our clients are successfully navigated through the insurance claims process. They are licensed adjusters that protect you, the insured, when it comes down to these losses. Their tools, knowledge, and market presence have help hundreds of clients collect more than 25 MILLION dollars in funds above what the insurance company tried to offer!!

We would love to look through your claim, view the properties personally and see what we can find. We would use the team over at C3 Group to properly document all aspects of the claim and prepare an accurate estimate based on what your policy owes coverage for. C3 Group is able to take the stress and time commitment of dealing with these claims and the constant hoops insurers require that you jump through, away from you as an owner or manager. They handle all communications and take care of all the paperwork, replies to letters and many other things. Using Severy Creek Roofing and C3 Group Public Adjusters to truly make sure you have an ally during the process is bar none over what anyone else can provide in the market. The best part is, there is no out of pocket expense to you by having a Public Adjuster involved.

Contact Severy Creek Roofing for your FREE inspection today!

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